The Nile Doesn’t Run Both Ways.

I was in the mood to write a blog post but couldn’t settle on a topic. Then I started scrolling through Facebook - not usually a good idea – and ran into the following post: “didn’t survive from cancer to die from stress”. Truer words have never been spoken! But, alas, the stress I incur …

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Life Update

Last week happened; I’m finally admitting it to the world. I completed five days of radiation to two spots on my left lung. Just one day later, I returned to the hospital for scans, and unfortunately, the news was not good. Probably the worst news of my four-year long journey with Stage IV cancer. During …

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Lazy Daze

This year has been a miracle. Since switching back to my old friend, Crizotinib, I have been feeling much like my old self. I practice yoga most days, sleep well, don’t require anxiety meds, and mostly importantly, my lungs are working. It’s such a blessing to have working lungs. I’m able to go up and …

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